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CC Bear Dog Treats Arrive At The Artisan Pet Deli

The Artisan Pet Deli was founded on one very important principle; to source and share the best high-quality, healthy pet treats. We switched to raw feeding our own dog when she was 8 months old and wanted to make sure the treats we were giving her were also good for her health and wellbeing.

Along the way we have met some fantastic food producers who share our values and are making some really innovative pet foods in the UK. One such company is CC Bear Edibles. We love everything about this small business! CC Bear Edibles is a small, family run producer of wellness biscuits for dogs. Not only are they based in England, all of the biscuits are made in England and the ingredients are sourced from suppliers in England. Their biscuits are made from natural, whole foods with no added preservatives or additives. 

Similarly to The Artisan Pet Deli, CC Bear Edibles was inspired by the family's own beloved dog; Bubba the Bear. Bubba was a rescue dog who learnt to trust people through food. After Bubba became ill with Lyme disease, the family changed his diet which ultimately changed his health. 

CC Bear Edibles' range of wholesome treats includes Digest Best, Heart Smart, Skin Sooth and Well Being treats. Shop the full range and lots of other delicious and healthy treats for dogs at The Artisan Pet Deli.  

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