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About us

The Artisan Pet Deli is a contemporary pet foods store with one very simple objective; to offer the conscious pet owner a real alternative to mass-produced, processed and artificially enhanced pet foods. At The Artisan Pet Deli we are passionate about natural feeding and the life-long benefits of feeding your pet a biologically appropriate diet. 

The Artisan Pet Deli was inspired by our much loved three-year-old Siberian Husky; Maya. We originally fed Maya a well-known and highly recommended brand of processed dry food until she was around eight months old. Maya suffered from a hypersensitive tummy resulting in expensive visits to the vets for tests, and middle-of-the-night emergency toilet trips. Her processed diet was also causing her teeth to discolour due to food getting stuck on them, and she was becoming increasingly disinterested in her meals.

During a chance meeting on a walk with the owner of a Westie, we were introduced to the concept of raw feeding for dogs. After lots of research, we decided to switch Maya to raw and have never looked back. Inspired by the vast improvements in Maya’s health and wellbeing, we were also committed to ensuring consistency with her treats, eliminating poor quality, processed products from her diet. Discovering a variety of natural treats from a number of small UK suppliers, we identified a gap in the market for having them all in one place and hence The Artisan Pet Deli was born offering healthy treats to both dogs and cats. Through The Artisan Pet Deli we scour the UK to find and bring quality and health conscious owners nutritious and wholesome treats for their pets from producers, who share our core values.

We don’t hide anything about the products we choose to offer and what they contain, in fact we want to shout it from the rooftops! Only the best, most nutritious, wholesome foods and treats make it onto our menu. Everything we offer has been tasted and approved by Maya. 

Thank you for taking the time to browse our Store,

Hayley and Maya  (Co-Founders of The Artisan Pet Deli)

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